How to Make Crispy Waffles

How to Make Crispy Waffles

The only thing that could damper this breakfast is if your crispy waffles aren’t, well, crispy.

Crisp and crunchy on the outside, airy and soft on the inside, crispy waffles are an all-time favorite breakfast for a reason. We guarantee that the smell of sizzling batter in the morning will have your friends and family jumping out of bed faster than any alarm clock! The only thing that could damper this breakfast is if your crispy waffles aren’t, well, crispy.

Achieving the perfectly crispy waffle (that doesn’t go limp minutes after you take it out of the iron) can be a frustratingly difficult endeavor, especially if you’ve just rolled out of bed. But no need to go searching through dozens of recipes while your stomach is growling— we’ve put together a list of the best tips on how to make crispy waffles with minimal effort.


Why Won't My Waffles Get Crispy?

Maybe it’s the recipe. Maybe it’s the ingredient ratio. Maybe it’s the fact that it’s 7 a.m., and you’re two seconds away from just grabbing the nearest cereal box and calling it a meal. One thing is for sure— no one gets the perfectly crispy waffle on the first try, especially if it’s your first time wielding a waffle iron. Be prepared to throw out the first waffle in your batch.

There are also a few common (but easy to avoid) slip-ups that are sure to make your next batch a flop. Not waiting until the iron heats up properly means your waffles will cook, but never achieve that satisfyingly crisp exterior. Overworking the batter will leave your waffles dense and chewy instead of light and airy. And stacking even the most perfect waffles will cause them to become soggy and limp in minutes.

Then there are the mornings when you realize you’re missing a key ingredient, and still go for the recipe anyway (we’ve all been there). Preparing beforehand will make your mornings a whole lot smoother (and crispier!).

Not digging the idea of whipping up batter in the AM at all? We have a tip for that, too! Just heat up your Belgian Boys waffles and voilà, breakfast is served!


Are Belgian Waffles Supposed to Be Crispy?

Belgian waffle close-up texture

Is the sky blue? Is butter creamy? Does breakfast make the best dinner?

If your Belgian waffles aren’t crispy, they aren’t really Belgian waffles at all. That being said, there are a few key differences between a Belgian waffle vs a regular one. Thicker, with deeper pockets and a recipe that includes yeasted batter, pearl sugar, and egg whites, Belgian waffles have a signature golden exterior and airy inside that earn them their mouthwatering reputation.

The pearl sugar is key to their slight crunch, while the yeast and egg whites contribute to their wonderfully fluffy texture (noticeably less dense than their American counterparts).

The term “Belgian waffle” also encompasses several different varieties of this European treat. There are several unique waffle recipes across Brussels and Liege, as well as outside of Belgium, in Germany and France. Slight differences in the recipes can make a big impact on both flavor and texture.


7 Life Saving Tips to Make Crispy Waffles

Stop waffling around! These tips will cut down on both time and effort in the morning, and leave you with the crispy-on-the-outside, airy-on-the-inside waffles of your dreams.


Bring the Eggs to Room Temperature

Variety of eggs

Want to avoid a lumpy, dense texture? Room temperature eggs will mix more evenly with the rest of your ingredients, creating a smooth batter that will rise easily. Don’t worry, we’re not going to ask you to get out of bed an hour early just to take your eggs out of the fridge!

There are several different methods to bring your eggs to room temperature quickly, but the easiest is to simply run warm water over your eggs for 2-5 minutes until no longer cool to the touch. So go ahead, hit snooze.


Grease the Waffle Iron With Cooking Spray

Butter isn’t always better! If you use butter to grease your waffle iron, it will burn before the batter is fully cooked, leaving you with an acrid, bitter tasting waffle (not exactly the way we want to kick off our day!).

If you’re looking for how to make crispy waffles in a waffle maker, try using cooking spray instead. Cooking spray won’t burn as rapidly as butter, and will help achieve that satisfyingly crisp outside you crave. The best part? It’s a lot quicker and easier to just give your iron a good spray than attempting to brush butter evenly over all those grooves and edges.


Melt the Butter

Melted butter

Butter in your batter, on the other hand, is a total necessity for rich, savory-sweet waffles. And while we talk a lot about crispiness, we can’t forget about the importance of a soft and airy inside. To achieve that delightfully spongy interior, melt your butter before mixing it in with the rest of your ingredients. Melted butter emulsifies better with the milk and eggs, and its lower water content creates a soft and moist texture.

But melting butter can also be a hot, greasy mess. The stovetop method requires extra pots and can burn easily, while the microwave causes splatters that throw off your measurements. The easiest way to melt butter is to place your butter in a microwave-safe container and cover it with a paper butter wrapper. Microwave on low until the butter is fully melted, then toss the wrapper for easy clean up!


Add a Tint of Liquor to Your Baking

Amaretto liqueur

Liquor at 8 a.m. in the morning? Sign us up! This secret ingredient won’t affect your waffles' crispiness (or your sobriety, unfortunately…) but it will make a big difference in flavor. While it’s traditional to add a splash of vanilla extract to your waffle batter, we suggest swapping in some amaretto liqueur instead. This syrupy, almond-flavored liqueur is sweet, nutty, and aromatic, adding an unexpected complexity and depth to this classic breakfast.

If someone in your household has nut allergies, opt for a variety of nut-free amaretto made from apricot pits instead of almonds.


Use Buttermilk

The creamy, rich, and slightly tangy flavor of buttermilk is sure to elevate your waffles from mmm to m-m-mmm! The acidity in buttermilk also helps to create a light, fluffy texture when mixed with a base like baking soda. This reaction creates tiny bubbles of carbon dioxide gas that give your waffles an airy structure.

We suggest popping your buttermilk in the microwave for a few seconds before mixing it with your melted butter. This will prevent the butter from resolidifying, ensuring a smooth, even batter.


Ran Out of Buttermilk? Try an Alternative

We know you won’t always have buttermilk stocked in your fridge every time the waffle cravings hit. Don’t stress about running out to the store last minute! Regular whole milk works great as a substitute, and may also create a lighter, crispier waffle due to its thinner consistency.

Or, create your own buttermilk by adding one tablespoon of white vinegar or lemon juice to a cup of milk, and letting it sit for five minutes. Don’t want to wait? Mix 1/4 cup of milk with 3/4 cup of plain yogurt for a thick, creamy alternative.


Bake Them in the Oven for That Crisp Finish

You probably already know the trick to keep your waffles warm by placing them in a 200°F oven until you’re ready to eat. But if you set your oven a little higher, to 300°F, this trick will crisp waffles even further in addition to keeping them nice and warm. Just remember to place them directly on the oven rack so the steam can escape.

If you use a sheet pan, the steam will stay trapped and your airy and crisp waffle will go limp and soggy. A true tragedy when you’re so close to breakfast!


When the Crispy Waffle Recipe Doesn’t Turn Out Well

Breakfast set up with Belgian Boys waffles

Of course, there are also those mornings when you wake up with your stomach growling and don’t feel like getting out a single pot or pan. On those mornings, the last thing you want is to read an article on tips and tricks to cook up the perfectly crispy waffle.

And then there’s the worst-case scenario— you get out the pots and pans anyway, read through all the recipes, but no matter how many tips and tricks you follow on how to make waffles crispy, your waffles still turn out floppy and bland.

Oh well, no need to cry over a wonky waffle. Just heat up a Belgian Boys liege waffle, pour on some syrup and butter, and call it a job well done.

With Belgian Boys original Belgian waffles cutting your cook time down to minutes, you can get creative with your presentations. Delight your family and friends with a DIY yummy waffle bar featuring all your favorite toppings.