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We bring quick and easy, European-inspired foods to the mainstream so families can prep less, smile more, and indulge better. 



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Bite-sized Pancakes

Bite-sized Pancakes

Our Bite-Sized Pancakes are fluffy, airy, and irresistible! Made with a touch of sweetness, these heat-and-eat pancakes are the perfect size for snacking or packing. Whether you eat them on the go or top them up, these tasty morsels are a quick and easy solution for any time of the day. 

Original Belgian Waffle

Our Belgian Waffles are made from a decadent brioche dough with real bits of pearl sugar baked right in, which gives them their signature chewy-with-a-crunch texture. Eat it as a grab-and-go item, pack it in a lunchbox, or warm it up and top it with a scoop of gelato—whatever you decide, your new quick and easy waffle is here! 

Each box contains 5 waffles.

These products do not contain peanuts or tree nuts, and are produced in a nut-free facility. 

Original Crêpes

Original Crêpes

Our authentic ready-made Crêpes are the perfect solution for anyone on the go: Serve them sweet as a quick and easy breakfast, or make them savory for a delicious, packable lunch. With endless filling options, they're sure to become a staple in your weekly meal planning—just heat on the stovetop or in the microwave, and enjoy!

Almond Butter Cakes

These decadent little loaf cakes are commonly known as a financier in France. They have a delicate almond flavor and an unforgettable texture. The thin and crispy exterior is a perfect contrast with the moist and dense interior. These treats are made in France with real butter, real sugar, and the ethos of indulgence baked right in.

Belgian Chocolate Cookie Bars

These Cookie Bars start with a crunchy, buttery cookie base that is covered in Belgian Chocolate. They’re individually wrapped with fun messages on each cookie! These treats are made with real butter, real sugar and the ethos of indulgence baked right in.

Raspberry Cookie Tarts

These Cookie Tarts start with a crunchy, buttery cookie base that is covered in Raspberry Jam. They’re individually wrapped, which makes them easily shareable and portable. These treats are made in France with real butter, real sugar and the ethos of indulgence baked right in.

Caramel Stroopwafels

If coffee is enjoyed without a stroopwafel, has it really been enjoyed at all? We're not here to debate—we just want to make sure they're never apart again! Our new and improved coffee-ready stroopwafel is back and better than ever: two cinnamon-y waffle cookies sandwich a layer of gooey caramel, best eaten with a steaming cup of joe. Each box contains 8 individually-wrapped stroopwafels, perfectly portioned for a treat yourself moment. 


Our story begins with Skinny & Chubby, two childhood friends who grew up in Belgium with delicious European treats and plenty of mischief.

As adults, they moved to New York City, where the world was at their fingertips—but the stroopwafels, cookie tarts, French crepes and other delights of their youth were nowhere to be found.

And from this snack nostalgia, Belgian Boys was born! Skinny and Chubby now produce quick and easy delights for every time of the day, all with happiness baked in!


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