3 Sweet Breakfast in Bed Ideas with Belgian Boys

3 Sweet Breakfast in Bed Ideas with Belgian Boys

These 3 super easy yet tasty breakfast-in-bed Mother's Day meal options will secure your prize for the best kid or partner ever.

Say thank you with food! Breakfast in bed is a Mother's Day meal classic for good reason—let your all-star mom sleep in and start the day luxuriating under the covers with a tray of yummy Bite-Sized Pancakes, Original Crepes or Belgian Waffles and a hot cup of coffee. Add a glass of champagne or a mimosa, because it’s a holiday and she deserves it.

Here are super easy Mother's Day meal options that will secure your prize for the best kid/partner/friend ever:


Bite-Sized Pancake Skewers

Our Bite-Sized Pancakes are fluffy, pillowy, and just about impossible to resist. Spread some Nutella on each pancake bite, then layer on a skewer with slices of fresh strawberry and banana. Kiwi or blackberries would be good choices, too. Or keep it for the grownups only and savor the skewers with a blood orange mimosa (or two).


Smoked Salmon Crêpes

Elegant, easy and delicious. Start with Belgian Boys’ authentic, ready-made crêpes. (Just thaw, then heat on the stovetop or in the microwave.) Fold each crêpe in half. Spread some cream cheese down the center of each crêpe, then top with your favorite smoked salmon and whatever goodies you love: dill, red onion, capers, fresh tomatoes and/or a grind of black pepper. Fold one side of the crêpe over the filling, roll to close, and you have a pretty little parcel. Pair with a glass of bubbly and head back under the covers to enjoy.


Strawberry Shortcake Waffles

Sometimes only a waffle will do! Ours are made in the traditional style from the city of Liege in Belgium, with brioche dough and pearl sugar. The only thing better? Layering them with sweet, juicy strawberries and fresh whipped cream, which turns them into a breakfast worthy for a special occasion. If you’re feeling extra festive, add a glug of real maple syrup to your whipped cream, and a pile of extra fresh strawberries on the side. Serve with a frothy cappuccino.