A Belgian Love Story

A Belgian Love Story

The secret to why Belgian Boys treats are so delicious? Because they're made with love.

Once upon a time in Antwerp, Belgium

Lived a Belgian Girl named Anouck, and a Belgian Boy named Chubby (well, Greg).

They grew up in similar social circles in a small community, but had never officially met.

Greg left Belgium when he was 18 to attend college in Boston. A few years later, while Anouck was attending uni in Tel Aviv, she came to the US for a fashion design internship at Zac Posen, and coincidentally, was seated next to Greg on the same flight.

Greg tried to make a connection while on the plane, but Anouck was more concerned about finding an apartment in NYC (understandable). That’s when Greg claimed to be a real estate agent.

He was not a real estate agent.

In fact, the apartment Greg helped Anouck find ended up not working out... but Greg and Anouck did.

Belgian Boys CEO and Founder at the beach

They survived a year of long distance until Anouck moved back to the US and joined the BB team as a “night gig” apart from her full-time fashion career. Then one day, she decided she was ready to go all-in — on both the brand and the boy.

Anouck & Greg lived happily ever after (and Anouck now runs Belgian Boys!)

Belgian Boys CEO and Founder's family

And that’s the secret to why Belgian Boys treats are so delicious — because they’re made with love.