The Great Belgian Boys Platter Contest

The Great Belgian Boys Platter Contest

A chance to win $250 of treats and support charity? It almost sounds too good to be true...


It's picnic season, and that means one thing: Party platters!

We've teamed up with some of Instagram's best platter artists on our most delectable contest to date: Vote for your favorite platter, and you'll be entered to win $250 on — and we'll donate another $250 to the winning platter maker's charity of choice! Voting will close Sunday, June 27 at 11:59 pm.

And don't forget to grab their tips for creating your own swoon-worthy summer platters... Vive la picnic!


Meet the Makers... 

Lea @the_platter_girl

Charity: Om Thrive Foundation

Platter tip: Choose highly flavorful ingredients so each element stands on its own!



Yovita @plattermeupcolorado

Charity: Riverside Church - Denver Colorado

Platter tip: Use color and textures. First: What kind of color schemed that I want the platter to look like, either a rainbow color, monochromatic color or any kind of color. From there, it is easier to make a list of ingredient that I’m going to use for the platter. Second: more variety of  textures make the platter looks prettier.



Candy @seecandycook

Bayou City Blessings

Platter tip: Choose a color palette or theme. It is so aesthetically pleasing when the colors work together. I always say we eat with our eyes first!



Jessica @petalandplatter

Charity: Farmer's Footprint

Platter tip: Don't be afraid to use unexpected ingredients and garnishes to make the platter a conversation piece because most people seem to enjoy creativity and a theme over traditional!


Dimitria @grateboards

Charity: Black Youth

Platter tip: Always ensure you use items with lots of color, such as a variety of fruits and/or veggies and always garnish!