How to Build a Stroopwafel Gingerbread House

How to Build a Stroopwafel Gingerbread House

 Let the gingerbread man run away, stroopwafels are here to stay. 

Building gingerbread houses is a time-honored holiday tradition, but also one that requires quite a bit of time, ingredients, and construction skills– all for your gingerbread house to end up going stale on the mantle. This year, revamp the tradition with personal-size cookie houses you’ll actually eat. Our individual stroopwafel houses can be made without an oven, and are guaranteed to provide the perfect crunchy and caramelly bite. Trust us, these won’t stay on the mantle for long!


What You’ll Need

Image of what you'll need for this step-by-step stroopwafel gingerbread house

You’ll only need a few simple ingredients to assemble your stroopwafel gingerbread houses. The Belgian Boys’ Dutch Caramel Stroopwafels can be eaten right out of the package, making this recipe an easy, no-bake alternative to cooking up gingerbread from scratch. Made in the Netherlands, our delicate yet indulgent stroopwafels are characterized by two crunchy waffle cookies sandwiching a layer of gooey caramel– a true holiday treat.

For your caramel glue, you’ll need:

  • 1 cup granulated sugar
  • 1/2 stick unsalted butter

For your royal icing, you'll need:

  • 1 egg white
  • 2 cups of powdered sugar
  • 1 tsp lemon juice.

A butter knife, a ruler, and a stand mixer will also come in handy for this recipe, although hand-blenders or good old-fashioned elbow grease can work, too!


Step-by-Step Assembly

Pieces guide for stroopwafel gingerbread house

Using a kitchen knife, cut five, 3 cm by 3 cm squares out of our authentic Dutch Caramel Stroopwafels. Make sure to cut at least one of your squares out of the center of a stroopwafel, leaving the rest of the cookie intact. This will act as our base when we assemble our house later. For the front and back of your stroopwafel house, cut out two house-shaped pieces (five-sided shapes that slant into “roofs,” with each side measuring 3 cm). Set all pieces aside.

To make the caramel “glue,” melt 1 cup granulated sugar in a heavy-duty saucepan over medium heat, stirring constantly until the sugar has melted into an amber-colored liquid. Add in ½ stick of butter, stirring until melted and combined. Allow the mixture to sit until it bubbles, then remove from heat.

Stroopwafel gingerbread house assembly

Assemble the four walls of your house (two squares and two house-shaped pieces) inside the hollowed-out stroopwafel. This base, along with the tacky caramel “glue,” will help keep your house together. Use two of the remaining squares to build your roof.

If you’re feeling extra ambitious, cut a tiny square in the center of one of your roof pieces before gluing it on top of your house. Then, cut your last 3 cm by 3 cm square into four rectangles and assemble into a miniature chimney, using caramel to secure over the tiny hole in your roof. When served balanced atop a warm mug, the steam from your drink should flow through your stroopwafel house’s functioning chimney!



Stroopwafel gingerbread house assembly

Think like Martha May and go all out on festive designs! Your stroopwafel house is a blank slate for all your culinary creativity.

For a classic look, whip up a quick royal icing by beating 1 egg white in a stand mixer until frothy. Slowly add in 2 cups powdered sugar, whisking over low speed until combined. Mix on high until the mixture forms stiff peaks, about 5 minutes, adding 1 tsp of lemon juice in the last minute. Spoon icing into a piping bag and decorate your stroopwafel gingerbread houses with shingles, windows, and dripping icicles.

Decorated stroopwafel gingerbread house

Or, for a more colorful alternative, purchase a pack of pre-colored frostings to create rainbow designs on your stroopwafel houses. Sprinkles, edible glitter, and small candies like gumdrops, mini M&Ms, and Nerds can bring flare to your designs. Other options to consider when decorating your houses include pretzels, marshmallows, and melted chocolate. Pro tip- for a mini gingerbread house village, try making these with Poptarts, Graham crackers, or even Oreos. The world is your oyster...or should we say...mug.


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