The French (Toast) Revolution is Here!

The French (Toast) Revolution is Here!


Homemade Taste in Minutes

With our new Brioche French Toast, we've done all the messy work so that you can have the joy of weekend French toast, anytime. Slices of fluffy brioche bread are soaked in egg and milk (with just a touch of sugar), then baked to golden perfection.

Your part? Pop it in the toaster or heat it in a frying pan for the happiest possible start to any day.

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Top-Tier Toppings

Our Brioche French Toast is just perfect plain, but who said there's no improving on perfection?

Add a little color with a sprinkle of berries (or go all the way with whipped cream). Sweeten it up with a smear of Nutella and an obligatory dollop of ice cream. More of a purist? A pat of good ol' fashioned butter and a drizzle of maple syrup are still our favorites.

Whatever you add on top is just, as they say, the icing on the French toast.

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Top-Tier Toppings

milk, brioche bread (wheat flour (gluten), eggs, sugar, butter (milk), water, yeast, sunflower oil, salt, wheat gluten, vegetable fiber), eggs, sugar. Contains: Egg, milk, WHEAT.