Say Hello to the Nice List


Afraid you may have
slipped off the nice list?

It's been a long year. We get it! But the days of sending Santa a letter with crossed fingers have come and gone. This year, you need to step up your groveling game.

Serve Santa his favorite cookies and milk with this grab-and-go box of treats. It's an easy peace offering to the big guy in red (and we won't tell if a few go missing). Let's make this his (and your) best holiday yet.

grab a snack for santa

what's in the box?

If Santa has to eat one more dry sugar cookie, he’ll cross your name off his list all together.

This box of our most decadent treats will have him surprised and delighted throughout the Christmas season, and sure to bump you to the top of the nice list! Santa can expect:

  • Choco Caramel Cookie Tarts
  • Lemon Cookie Tarts
  • Belgian Chocolate Cookie Bars
  • Chocolate Chip Mini Cookie Stash
  • Stroopwafel Tin
  • A bottle of milk to wash it all down
    (we provide the bottle, you add the milk!)

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The elves are working round the clock to deliver Santa's favorite treats! Please be aware that this box will ship separately from the rest of your order, and will take up to 10 business days to process. Guaranteed delivery by December 21st or your money back.