We partnered with the edible cookie dough masters at Doughp to bring you the most decadent version of a true Dutch treat: Belgian Boys Stroopwafel pieces are mixed into caramel and cinnamon cookie dough, for the limited-time only flavor 'Stroop to My Level'. Bake it into cookies, or eat it by the spoonful... either way, you won't be able to stop after just one bite.


About doughp

Doughp crafts yummy, nostalgic cookie dough as part of its mission to reduce the stigmas around mental health & addiction recovery. In their words: "Serving up nostalgia with every scoop and curating moments of self-love, Doughp burst onto the dessert scene in 2017 and has since served more than 250,000 cookie dough lovers!"

Meet the brand


A what? Stroopwafel translates to “syrup waffle” in Dutch, and it's made with two thin, crispy, waffle-like cookies sandwiching a layer of gooey cinnamon-y caramel. Traditionally, a stroopwafel is placed atop a cup of hot tea or coffee to allow the inner caramel to soften, and once the preferred level of melty-ness is achieved, it's removed and eaten. Haven't tried one? Get your first taste today!