4 Cute Snacks for the Ultimate Easter Egg Hunt

4 Cute Snacks for the Ultimate Easter Egg Hunt

Whether you're a kid or a kid at heart, we hope your Easter egg hunt is full of joy and deliciousness.

Easter is just around the corner, and those first hopeful hints of spring are in the air. Whether you’re planning an elegant family celebration with a no-holds-barred Easter egg hunt, or a casual brunch with just a few pretty eggs, here are some easy, fun treats that are the perfect accompaniment to any Easter celebration!

Stick to foods your little ones can eat with their hands. They won't want to stop too long while they're on the hunt for more eggs (and more fun!) Whether you're a kid or a kid at heart, we hope your Easter egg hunt is full of joy and deliciousness.


Choco Caramel Cookie Tart Bunny Tushies 

Turn Belgian Boys crunchy, buttery Choco Caramel Cookie Tarts, made in France with real butter and real sugar, into whimsical bunny butts. Melt your favorite peanut butter candy and pour it into a squeeze bottle; use the melted candy as “glue” to adhere a mini marshmallow for the bunny’s tail, then squeeze out two tiny dollops for the bunny feet. (Keep the bunny feet cool in the refrigerator until completely hardened for about 20 minutes before assembling.) These will keep them hopping back for more. 


Bunny Face Crêpes 

Our authentic ready-to-devour crêpes are the perfect canvas for this adorable bunny. You can transform a simple breakfast into a playful Easter specialty with blueberry eyes, a strawberry nose, and delicate chocolate sauce whiskers. Make two floppy ears with whipped cream and a sprinkle of cinnamon. Serve it with a side of fresh fruit—or for extra decadence, with a fresh saucer of chocolate sauce. Some-bunny will love it! 


Mini Cheesecake Fruit Pizzas

A beautiful layer of rainbow-colored fruit says springtime. Start with Belgian Boys cheesecakes, ready to go in individual glass ramekins. Any fresh fruit is game here, from blueberries and strawberries to melons, kiwi, and pineapple. Key lime, raspberry, or New York cheesecake all make an ideal base for you to create your fruit masterpiece. They’re all made with the Non-GMO, premium ingredients you know to expect in Belgian Boys goodies.


Easter Egg Pancakes 

Start your day with these or save them for a leisurely Easter brunch. Your “Easter eggs” will begin with Belgian Boys fluffy, addictive bite-sized pancakes, the perfect egg-like shape. Think of them as your blank canvas for Easter egg creativity, which you can use chocolate chips, dried fruit, sprinkles, and frosting to channel. Make sure to take a photo of your masterpiece before you devour them all.