17+ Savory Fillings for Crepes You Can Have for Dinner, Too

17+ Savory Fillings for Crepes You Can Have for Dinner, Too

There is something fancy and magical about crepes, don’t you think?

The only thing we love more than crepes are the endless possibilities for crepe fillings. These thin pancakes are light, delicate, and absolutely delicious. Originally French, they’re perfect for enjoying anytime, anywhere. There is something fancy and magical about crepes, don’t you think?


Whipping up a batch of homemade crepes is certainly an option. But if cooking (and cleaning up!) is not in the cards for you, our authentic ready-made crepes are the perfect canvas for your culinary creativity with zero hassle required. The most common way to experience crepes is often as a sweet treat, stuffed with banana and Nutella, or strawberries and cream. We love these breakfast and dessert possibilities and might just enjoy them as a snack in the middle of the day, too.


But there is no rule saying crepes must be sweet—a savory crepe is a wonderful delicacy for a satisfying lunch or light dinner. Known as crêpes salées, or savory crepes, in French, crepes can be filled with pretty much anything, from smoked salmon to crispy bacon. Our crepes are easy enough for every day. Thaw, heat on the stovetop or in the microwave, and enjoy, especially with some of our favorite savory crepe fillings. Our ideas are just the tip of the iceberg, get inspired and have fun with whatever fillings delight you.


Traditional Crepe Fillings

Nutella and Sliced Bananas

Nutella and banana crepes

One bite of a crepe bursting with fresh banana slices and hazelnut-chocolate spread, and you’ll understand why this combo is such a crepe filling classic. This simple but oh-so-decadent sweet treat is almost impossible not to love. The only challenge: not eating all the Nutella from a spoon before it makes it into your crepe.

Whipped Cream and Fresh Fruit

Whipped cream and fresh fruit crepes

Perfect for breakfast in bed or a luxurious mid-morning brunch, crepes filled with fresh whipped cream and your favorite fresh fruit are a hit. We love any berries, from blueberries to strawberries to blackberries. Diced kiwi or mango make for a fun, tropical crepe twist. Or if you don’t have any fresh fruit on hand, your favorite jam or fruit preserves does the trick, too. Whip some heavy cream into perfect clouds or opt for whipped cream from a can (zero shame!)


Another tip: fresh, seasonal produce makes ideal fillings for crepes, whether that’s fresh peaches from the farmer’s market in summertime, ripe tomatoes that taste like sunshine, or spring’s first asparagus and fresh herbs. The fresh flavors will bring your crepes to a whole new level, whether sweet or savory.

Salty Crepe Fillings

Chicken, mushroom, cheese and asparagus crepes

One of the brilliant things about crepes is just how versatile they are. For breakfast, lunch, or dinner, they can be stuffed with some of your favorite ingredients. Crepes also make easy finger foods to serve as appetizers at your next get together. Cut them in half, top with a filling, then fold them in half and again in half, so they’re mini crepes perfect for holding in one hand, while your drink is in the other.


Here are some combinations we love:

  •   Smoked salmon and cream cheese crepes. You might also add capers, red onions, fresh dill, or scallion.
  •   Chicken and mushroom crepes. You could also add melty cheese and asparagus.
  •   Bacon and spinach crepes. Serve these for breakfast, brunch, or even for a breakfast-for-dinner treat with hollandaise sauce.
  •   Ham, eggs, and swiss crepes. This is a classic combination that’ll satisfy every time.
  •   Roast turkey and herb pesto crepes. A perfect lunch with a simple green salad or your favorite chips.


More Ideas for Savory Crepes

Vegetarian Crepe Fillings

Caprese crepes: mozzarella, tomato and fresh basil

You don’t have to be a carnivore to dig into a savory crepe. Here are some meat-free ideas that satisfy:

  • Creamy eggs, sharp cheddar, and chives crepes. The perfect breakfast!
  • Huevos rancheros crepes. Make your own take on this Mexican breakfast staple with black beans, eggs, salsa, and tomatoes. If you’re feeling creative, add queso fresco avocado, fresh cilantro, and sliced green chill.
  • Caprese crepes, with mozzarella, tomato, and fresh basil. The bright flavors taste like summer.
  • Mushroom and gruyere crepes. The earthy mushrooms and the nutty, melty Swiss cheese make a crazy-good combination.
  • Spinach, artichoke, and brie crepes. This makes an elegant hors d'oeuvre, even better paired with a glass of bubbly.


Cottage Cheese Filling

Cottage cheese crepes

Cottage cheese is a great versatile, protein-packed filling for all sorts of crepes. Other mild cheese options are creme fraiche, sour cream, or even cream cheese. You can make the meal sweet with a dash of sugar and your favorite fruit, or savory with herbs like dill, tarragon, parsley, chervil, or chives.

Goat cheese and aromatic herbs also make for a crepe with a bit of a tangy, fresh bite.


Non-Dairy Filling

Summer squash, tomato and chickpeas crepes

If you follow a plant-based diet religiously or are just looking for a veggie-centric meal, we have your vegan savory crepe fillings covered. Here are some that deliver: 

  • Summer squash, tomato, and chickpea crepes. This veggie-full dish tastes fresh and delicious.
  • Kale salad crepes. Massage kale with lemon juice, olive oil, sea salt, fresh ground pepper, and some pine nuts or pepitas, and stuff your crepes with this flavorful mix.
  • Almond butter and banana crepes. These hit the spot as a late-night snack.
  • When it comes to non-dairy fillings, think about starting with fresh fruits and veggies. Then add your favorite nuts, herbs, and spices.


Crepes and Pancakes Breakfast Bar

Large variety of crepes

Want to host breakfast for a crowd? A crepe and pancake breakfast bar makes the ideal classy, fun, and yummy brunch, dessert, or a special occasion buffet (think baby showers, movie nights, Galentine's Day, and beyond). They’re both simple and a guaranteed crowd-pleaser, and each person can assemble their own unique crepes exactly the way their heart desires.

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