The Best Mother’s Day Treats for (the Best) Moms

The Best Mother’s Day Treats for (the Best) Moms

No baking required! The only rule: mom gets the first bite.

Don’t sleep on treating your mom—and the other special moms in your life—on Mother’s Day. You’ve wrapped the perfect gift and filled out a thoughtful card. Top off your celebration with these delicious treats that are sure to satisfy mom's (and the entire family's) sweet tooth. These can be whipped up in a breeze; no baking required. They all start with Belgian Boys delicious, indulgent European treats. The secret ingredient? Your love, of course! Try one or try them all. The only rule: mom gets the first bite.


Strawberry Fool

You could have fooled us! These elegant desserts taste and look great, yet they’re incredibly simple to prepare. Toss fresh strawberries with orange juice and sugar, layer with fluffy whipped cream, and then top with a Belgian Boys speculoos cookie, Europe’s iconic butter cookie in a fun mustache shape..which is also perfect for scooping bites of berry and cream goodness. 


Key Lime Cheesecake with Mixed Berries 

The perfect finale to a decadent Mother’s Day brunch, this Key Lime Cheesecake brings zesty lime and creamy cheesecake together for a fresh take on a classic dessert. Top with your favorite fresh berries for a pop of color. 


Raspberry Cream Almond Butter Cakes 

These decadent little Almond Butter Cakes are commonly known as a financier in France. They have a thin and crispy exterior, a wonderful contrast with the moist and dense interior. Whip up a tangy filling of raspberry jam and cream cheese. Then slice the almond butter cakes in half and spread a generous layer to make a lovely, sweet sandwich. This makes a great ending to a Mother’s Day brunch—or an anytime snack with a mug of mom’s favorite tea or a celebratory glass of champagne. 


Blooming Raspberry Cookie Tarts 

If you’re up for a bit of a craft project, show off your stencil skills by placing a simple flower stencil on a Belgian Boys’ cookie tarts and dusting powdered sugar over the top. The cookies are covered in bright raspberry jam, made in France with real butter and real sugar. These make a stunning gift for mom this holiday (or any day!).