Show us you voted, and we'll send you a code for 30 FREE waffles.

Chubby and Skinny Voting

We love democracy. But it only works if we all participate! That's why we're giving anyone who shows up for it 30 FREE Original or Chocolate Coated Belgian Waffles. Whether you mailed it in, voted early, or are waiting until voting day to line up at the polls, we want to say thank you, the Belgian way. 

How does it work? 

Just snap a pic to show us you voted anytime before 11:59PM on November 2, tag it with @belgianboys and #votewithbelgianboys on Instagram, and we'll DM you back a code for 30 FREE Belgian Waffles. This is only while supplies last, so if you haven't yet, vote now!

I already voted and didn't take a picture 😞 

Your photo can be anything! An "I Voted" sticker, the outside of your mail-in ballot envelope, the ballot lineor just a picture of a the sky with your good word that you voted. We trust you. 

Not on Instagram? 

No problem! Just drop us a note with your photo to hello@belgianboys.com with the subject line #votewithbelgianboys, and we'll send you a code there. 

Don't want to pay for shipping?

Easy! Just add more to your cart to get it over $50 (after discount), and we'll ship for free. 

There's more!

We're also making a donation to the Fair Elections Center, to help support the removal of barriers to registration and voting among underrepresented and marginalized communities. If you'd like to support their cause, you can make a donation here