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It's finally here! We've taken everyone's favorite tart-but-sweet citrus and paired it with our buttery, crisp cookie for a summer combo that'll brighten up any snacking occasion. Our Lemon Cookie tart features a fruity lemon jam with just the right amount of sugar, dabbed atop an irresistibly decadent shortbread base. Pair with the beverage of your choice and it's the treat you won't put down until fall rolls around.


Our favorite pairs

Belgian Boys

Lemon Cookie Tart + Ice Cream

Belgian Boys

Lemon Cookie Tart + Coffee or Tea

Belgian Boys

Lemon Cookie Tart + A Tall Glass of Lemonade

"Yummy lemon cookie and conveniently wrapped for a snack on the go. You will want to eat more than one!"

-Roxy, a happy Lemon Cookie Tart customer


Lemon Fun facts!

Belgian Boys

California and Arizona produce 95% of the United States’ lemon crop.

Belgian Boys

Lemons used to be so rare that kings used to present them to each other as gifts.

Belgian Boys

To power a flashlight bulb, you need 500 wired lemons to conduct electricity.

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