4 Hot Cocktails for a Happy & Tasty Winter

4 Hot Cocktails for a Happy & Tasty Winter

These pairings are sure to make any stay-at-home evening a little more special and a lot more delicious.

Baby, it’s cold outside. It’s the perfect time to curl up in your comfiest PJs with a mug of something soul-warming and a decadent treat. These pairings are sure to make any stay-at-home evening in a little more special and a whole lot more delicious. Choose one of these classic hot cocktails, or if you’re not imbibing, a satisfying cup of hot chocolate, and the perfect Belgian Boys sweet for happy hibernating.


Mulled Wine + Raspberry Cookie Tarts

A gently simmering mulled wine will leave your home smelling like happiness. Add some orange slices, a cinnamon stick, star anise, honey, and a glug of brandy to your favorite bottle of dry red wine and warm it up on the stove for about ten minutes. Savor with a few Belgian Boys Raspberry Cookie Tarts. The crunchy, buttery cookies covered in sweet-tart raspberry jam are the perfect foil for the sweet spice of mulled wine. 


Irish Coffee + Dark Chocolate Lava Cake

When nothing else but deep, dark chocolate will do, Belgian Boys Dark Chocolate Lava Cake delivers with all its perfectly ooey, gooey goodness. The rich chocolate in the molten cake pairs beautifully with the subtle spiced sweetness Irish coffee, warm coffee spiked with a bit of smooth whiskey. It’s even better topped with a dollop of fresh whipped cream, because why not?


Hot Toddy + Almond Butter Cakes

The hot toddy dates back to the mid-18th century. Known as hot whiskey in Ireland, the classic hot cocktail is simple to make and the perfect drink to sip on when you're feeling under the weather, or just to warm up on a chilly night. All you need is hot water, your whiskey of choice, a spoonful of honey and a squeeze of fresh lemon. That fresh, honeyed flavor is the perfect companion to Belgian Boys Almond Butter Cakes, little loaf cakes called financiers in France, redolent of almond and made with real butter, real sugar, and love.


Hot Chocolate Bomb + Stroopwafel

Belgian Boys Stroopwafels are made in the Netherlands honoring their national heritage. The best way to eat the sandwich cookies, full of smooth caramel? With a hot beverage, classically coffee or tea. Place the stroopwafels over the steamy mug and the caramel gets melty and extra luscious. Upgrade your stroopwafel experience with a cup of homemade hot chocolate, or even a hot chocolate bomb—a chocolate sphere filled with hot cocoa mix or chocolate ganache and hopefully lots of mini marshmallows. Drop one into a mug of hot milk watch it melt into delicious hot chocolate, a perfect pair to the caramelly stroopwafel and your ticket to the ideal night in.